coolboii*net is an ecosystem of sites that helps consumers and businesses serve the future of technologies. From the basic computing needs to the extra skill sets for your profession, we help thousands of people become ample in many competing industries.

100% Handcrafted

Pixel perfection is the key to the web. Everything on our networks is hand-crafted and thoroughly designed by us.

We're Everywhere

Our websites are available worldwide. Whether it's nearby, or half-way across the world, we are here at your service.

Future Technology

Having the latest technologies greatly increases our confidence towards the future. Especially when we operate at large.

Road to Success

We don't experiment with the latest fads. Instead, we strive to accomplish long term goals and create something amazing.

Internet + Tech

Using the powers of technology and the internet, we operate a variety of websites like business services to education.

Lightning Speeds

Our websites are cached with the best content delivery networks on earth, and is located on a server near you.

Active Community

We maintain active communities on our websites. More than thousands of visitors per month, we have fast traffic growth.

Power of the Cloud

Redundancy and capacity is important for website survival. That is why we depend on the power of cloud computing.