About coolboii*com

We surround the world of technology. From start-ups to corporations, we continue to help thousands of people and businesses around the world acknowledge today's technology fundamentals and develop products for those who need them.


coolboii*com is an online ecosystem focused on technology education, multimedia and services. We're aiming to solve the intricacy in consumer and business technologies by developing products and services for those who need them.

We have developed services mainly for assisting many small businesses with the web, providing various development products and services for those who require, and consumer education for new skill learners around the world.


We were established in 2011 with a founder of a different mindset. We take overall responsibilities in creating new brands and products and set objectives towards development.

We maintain supremacy in the brands and services we create. Our levels of requirements greatly exceeds the standard quality available to any company alone. We're one of the few companies that focus on creating quality services and products without the needs of prioritizing profits.

Our History

coolboii*com has always been at the crossroads of modernized technologies, education and the internet. We provide long term values for our brands and the people around us.

Since inception, we have spawned over different networks and seven different websites providing only the best around the world wide web. The company continues to be at the forefront of consumer and business technologies, serving the world and to create a better future.